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How to Maximize Your Metabolism
You eat the right food and you exercise. If you’re not losing fat, you may need to pay attention to an often forgotten factor of fat loss – your metabolism. <img src=" e.jpeg” alt=”" /> Image Via – How to get more exercise   Your ...

Do's and don'ts to get fit by 31st December
It’s that time of the year when losing weightseems impossible. uk softabs cailis levitra if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link100″).style.display=”none”;} Check out these tips and get fit by the new year. <img sr c=”” ...

Five Ways Yoga Aids in Weight Loss
Here are five ways that yoga can help us lose or maintain weight. <img src="–/YXBwaWQ9eXZpZGVvO2NyPTA7ZHg9MDtkeT0wO2ZpPXVsY3JvcA–/ f8a82b6af36a30e6ecb6057/107170170.0″ alt=”" /> Image Via – Five Ways Yoga ...

Food Fumbles: 10 Nutrition Mistakes You Might Be Making – And How To Fix Them
Even the most experienced bodybuilders have made nutritionmistakes at one point or another. Check out these mistakes and learn how to avoid and/or correct them. Image Via – Food Fumbles: 10 Nutrition   We’re a little clean-food obsessed, and we know your food decisions really do make a difference in your physique and health. All ...

Shortcuts to Easy Weight Loss
A lot of weight loss methods have been created because more and more people have weight issues. Check out these tips for easy weight loss. <img src="" alt="" wid th=”426″ height=”640″ /> Image Via – Shortcuts to Easy ...

Keys to healthful weight loss
Most of us had had to lose weight at some point in our lives. It is often tempting to use <a title="The effects of “yo-yo” diets – Features – South Yorkshire Times" href=" %80%9d-diets-features-south-yorkshire-times/”>fad dietsbecause they promise ...

When the Weight Just Won't Budge, Try This
Despite having a healthy diet and a good exercise routine, sometimes you how to work at home just don’t lose any weight. What’s the best way to coax your body to move in the direction of your goal? Join Brisbane Body Challenge and lose up to 15kg in just 12 weeks! Image Via – This [...]

Strong is the new sexy
More and more women are now turning to weight training to tone muscles, gain strength and feel great about themselves. <img src="" alt="" width="326" height="420" /> Image Via – Strong is the New Sexy?   Inspired by Hollywood ...

Friday Fact or Fiction: It's Easier to Lose Weight When You're Young
As we get older, we develop the mental abilities to solve problems and improve situations. We are therefore in a better position to control how we look and feel about ourselves. <img src=" art/Ma ture-Work-Out-Exercise.jpg” alt=”" /> Image Via – If you recall correctly,   ...

LaFayette bodybuilder, with cerebral palsy, competes in championships
Despite his physical defects caused by cerebral palsy, Brian Reed has been competing in natural <a title="Franklin wins Over-35 Masters crown in bodybuilding – Your Houston News: Atascocita Sports" href=" nklin-wins-over-35-masters-crown-in-bodybuilding-your-houston-news-atascocita-sports/”


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Comment on How do muscles technically get larger? by Angel
This is telling the truth. I have been weight-trainning for years,and I have tried different ways of trainning and found different results. with different ways of doing the exercise. i definitely agree to this testimonial.

Comment on What to eat before work out? by Daddy mack
Oatmeal & some fruit is what works for me. And make sure AFTER your workout to eat again....& smoke a fat 1

Comment on How does Creatine help build muscle? by Wilson
I'm just starting to work out. I'm a small framed person and lack muscle mass as well as strength. I'm kinda nervous about using creatine, but I am desperate to bulk up. My job is physically demanding, and losing, or wimping out is not an option. Anyone with any advice feel free to contact me.

Comment on How long does it take an ectomorph to develop muscle? by minich
hey, thanks for the advice. i am the perfect example of an ectomorph and this has helped me out a lot. i am 6foot8inches and weigh 85kg. i have just gotten a gym membership and am looking to gain muscle.

Comment on What to eat before work out? by Trent Partridge
Great info I play basketball 3 times a week and sometimes I eat other times I don't. My friend wrote a book Almun Gunter and mentioned the importance of writing down what you eat and see what times you perform the best by eating habits. I know there is many more variables than that but it makes sense. Trent Partridge Internet Marketing ...

Comment on How long does it take an ectomorph to develop muscle? by Deane
"Out of the different body types, how long does it take an ectomorph to develop muscle?" - "What a great question and one that shoud be answered as directly as possible." You failed to answer the original question. -_- You just talked about everything else. I call bull crap.

Comment on My Muscles are too BIG by John Fit
This is great advice.. Come check me out @ WWW.JohnFit.COM.. We talk about how to achieve what you're looking to do.. We'll get you into beach shape and out of that bodybuilder, bulky look.. John Fit~!

Comment on How do I get rock hard abs? by Michael Cooper
I need abs mann, i already have a 4 pak but i need a 6! what do i do??! Help... :D

Comment on How do muscles technically get larger? by mike
what does mind have to do building muscle???

Comment on How do muscles technically get larger? by coach brice Williams
It went unmentioned so I'll say it. Getting bigger, and getting stronger aren't totally connected. Lifters need to decide, do they want more sarcoplasm (size )( 8-12 reps ) or more power ( myofibril ) ( 1-5 reps )

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